Aqua-Boy DBMI - Construction - Digital Moisture Meter Set - Includes Accessories

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Aqua-Boy DBMI - Construction - Digital Moisture Meter Set - Includes Accessories

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Our wide range of moisture meters offers the perfect solution for all applications and budgets.
The Aqua-Boy Digital DBM moisture meter is specifically calibrated and tailor made for the construction timber and wood industry.

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The Aqua-Boy Digital DBM moisture meter is specifically calibrated and tailor made for the construction timber and wood industry. Aqua-Boy moisture meters analyse the moisture content of solid materials in a host of applications. Easy to use and highly portable, these compact meters deliver instant results with an accuracy of 0.1%. Recommended by official test and research laboratories, Aqua-Boy moisture meters are the automatic choice of industrial specialists and scientists worldwide
Supplier Aqua-Boy
Meter Type Moisture Meter
Built In Scale 1 ~ 100
Additional Scales No
Products Measured Construction
Product Uses Agricultural Products, Construction, Cork, Leather, Paper, Polystyrene, Timber, Wood
Accuracy plus/minus 1 digit
Reproducibility 2 digits
Operation Press the white measuring button and read the reult directly on the meter scale.
Display Digital
Guarantee 2, Years
Power Source 2 x 9v Battery
Power Type None
Width 115mm
Height 50mm
Length 170mm
Notes Test Certificate
Application Industry Timber and Construction
Sub Group Construction
Measuring Range No

Construction Materials A-Z

These are the materials you can use the DBM1 Moisture meter with.

A Anhydrit Floor Screed 0%~0.3%
Anhydrit Floor Screed 0.5%~4%
Ardurapid Floor Screed 0.6%~1%
Ardurapid Floor Screed 1%~2%
Asbestos cement 0.5%~8%
B Bricks 0.25%~0.55%
Bricks 4%~28%
External bricks
External blocks
C Chalk Sandstone 1.5%~3.5%
Cement bases 1.5%~7%
Cement mortar 1:3 1%~2.3%
Cement blocks 1%~2.3%
Cement prior to wood installations 1.5%~7%
Clay - betonite 0.1%~0.24%
Clay - loam 0.1%~0.24%
Clay - spray
Coir dust 8%~24%
Concrete - gas formed 1%~10%
Concrete - gas formed 10%~40%
Concrete 200Kg/M2 0.2%~1.1%
Concrete 350Kg/M2 0.2%~1.6%
Concrete 500Kg/M2 0.8%~1.8%
Cork granules 3%~16%
E Elastizell Floor Screed 1%~3%
F Fibreglass 1%~2.3%
G Gas formed concrete 1%~10%
Glas Mineralwoole 1%~2.3% Grey limestone 0.2%~0.8%
L Laminate wood flooring
Leather 6%~28%
Lightweight concrete 3%~9%
Lime mortar 0.5%~1.7%
Lime mortar 1.3 0.5%~1.7%
Lime mortar 1.3 2%~16%
Limestone 0.2%~0.6%
M Magnesite composition 11%~12.5%
Magnesite composition 12%~22%
Magnesite sub flooring 6%~8%
N Natural cork 5%~12%
Natural cork 16%~40%
P Paper 4%~28%
Particle boards 3%~14%
Plaster 0.2%~1.15%
Plaster 2%~24%
Plaster in walls 0.2%~2.5%
Plaster sub flooring 0.4%~1%
Plaster sub flooring 1%~5%
Plaster synthetic 20%~25%
Plaster synthetic 24%~44%
Polystyrene 3%~6%
Polystyrene 5%~21%%
R Red Sandstone 0.4%~1.4%
Rendered plaster walls
Rockwool 0.5%~0.8%
S Sand and cement dry blocks 1%~2.3%
Sand and lime bricks 1.5%~3.5%
Solid wood floors wood scale
Structural Timber 7%~22%
Synthetic Plaster20%~25%
T Timber 30%~120%
U Urethane foam 6%~12%
W Walls

Wood A-K

A Abale wood
Abedul wood
Abete wood
Abeti wood
Abeto wood
Aboudikro wood
Acajou wood
Acero wood
Afara White wood
African wood
African cedar wood
Afzelia wood
Agba wood
Ahorn wood
Aliele wood
Alder wood
Alerce wood
Aistonia wood
Amacacue wood
Amarello wood
Amazakoue wood
Andiroba wood
Andoung wood
Angelin wood
Angelique wood
Antiaris wood
Apa wood
Arce wood
Ash wood
Aspe wood
Ayan wood
Ayous wood
Azobe wood
B Baboen wood
Balau wood
Balsa wood
Balsamo wood
Basralocus wood
Basswood wood
Berlinia wood
Betulla wood
Bilinga wood
Birch wood
Birke wood
Birnbaum wood
Blackwood wood
Blauholz wood
Blue gum wood
Bongossi wood
Bosse wood
Bouleau wood
Brasilian wood
Buche weis wood
Buma wood
C Campeche wood
Camphor tree wood
east african wood
Cativo wood
Cedro macho wood
Ceiba wood
Cerisier wood
Chene wood
Chengal wood
Cherry wood
Chickrassy wood
Chittagong wood
Ciliego wood
Cochenilla wood
Cochenille wood
Cottonwood wood
Courbaril wood
Crabwood wood
Cypress wood
D Pgea wood
Daniellia wood
Danta wood
Dao wood
Diambi wood
Douka wood
Doussie wood
E Eastern Pine wood
Eibe wood
Eiche jap wood
Ekop wood
Elm wood
Emien wood
Epicea wood
Erable wood
Erie wood
Esche wood
Espe wood
Essia wood
Evino wood
Eyong wood
F Faro wood
Fohre wood
Frassino wood
Frene wood
Fresno wood
Fromager wood
G Gedu Nohor wood
Geronggang wood
Grand Bassam wood
Greenheart wood
Grenadill wood
Guapinol wood
Guarea wood
Guatambu wood
Gumari wood
Gurjun wood
H Hainnuche wood
Haidu wood
Hemlock wood
Hintsy wood
Holzfaserplatten wood
I Insignis pine wood
Inzia wood
Ivory wood
Izombe wood
J Jelutong wood
K Kampferholz wood
Kapur wood
Karri wood
Kastanie wood
Kaurie wood
Kempas wood
Khaya wood
Kiefer wood
Kirschbaum wood
Kosipo wood
Kotibe wood

Wood L-Z

L Larch wood
Lahuan wood
Landa wood
Laoure vermelho wood
Larche wood
Larice wood
Lauan wood
Laurel wood
Limba wood
Limbali wood
Limbo wood
Linde USA wood
Locust wood
M Macore wood
Magnolia wood
Mahagoni wood
Makore wood
Manbarklak wood
Manio wood
Maple wood
Maulbeerbaum wood
Mayflower wood
Meleze wood
Mengkulang wood
Merawan wood
Merbau wood
Mogano African wood
Movingui wood
Mucarati wood
Mulberry wood
Muninga wood
Musizi wood
Mutiria wood
Muzaiti wood
N Naga wood
Noce wood
Noyer commun wood
Nussbaum wood
O Oak Japanese wood
Okan wood
Okwen wood
Oleo vermelho wood
Olivello wood
Olmo wood
Omu wood
Onara wood
Ontano wood
Opepe wood
Oregon cedar wood
Orme wood
Ovangkol wood
Ozigo wood
P Pgea wood
Padouk wood
Paldao wood
Partridge wood
Penak wood
Pernambuc wood
Peroba de campos wood
Pezzo wood
Pflaumenbaum wood
Pin maritime wood
Pin silvestre wood
Pini del Nord Amerika wood
Pino pece wood
Pino resinoso wood
Pino rojo wood
Pino silvestre wood
Pitch pine wood
Plane wood
Platane wood
Plum tree wood
Podo wood
Ponderosa pine wood
Possentrie wood
Purpleheart wood
Pyinkado wood
Q Quaruba wood
Quercia wood
R Ramin wood
Red cedar, eastern wood
Red pine wood
Rengas wood
Robinie wood
Robie wood
Ruster wood
S Sapelli wood
Sapin wood
Sapo wood
Satinwood Nig wood
Scots pine wood
Seekiefer wood
Sen wood
Sepetir wood
Seraya wood
Sikon wood
Silver fir wood
Sitka-spruce wood
Sittka-fichte wood
Steineiche wood
Son wood
Spruce-Western white Canadian wood
Sugar maple wood
Sycamore wood
T Tali wood
Tamo wood
Tanne wood
Tiama wood
Tola branca wood
Toledo wood
Tsuga wood
Tupelo gum wood
U Ulme wood
V Virola wood
W Walnut wood
Weisbuche wood
Weymouths-kiefer wood
White ash wood
White pine wood
Whitewood wood
Y Yang wood
Yellow wood
Yemane wood
Yew wood
Z Zirbekjuefer wood
Zitterpappel wood
Zypresse wood
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