Sugar & Alcohol Meters

Our quality Digital Sugar Meters are specifically made to measure the sugar content for fruits and foods including jams. Easy to use, compact and quick reading. For a quick search use the 'search box' at the top of the page .

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  1. GMK 703F(A) Food Density Meter GMK 703F(A) - Digital Sugar Meter Food Density Meter

    Excl. Tax: €1,429.00 Incl. Tax: €1,714.80

    * For measuring concentration of Food
    * Compact and Easy to use
    * Automatic Temperature Compensation
    * Automatic CAlibration
    * Battery sign appear on LCD
    Learn More
  2. GMK 610(B) Alcohol Degree Meter GMK 610 Alcohol Degree Meter

    Excl. Tax: €3,495.80 Incl. Tax: €4,194.96

    This Alcohol Degree meter measures the alcohol % is in the beverages. eg: 14% is usual in red wines. Learn More

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