Our excellent range of soil moisture meters are ideal for measurement of most soils including sandy soil, saline and clay soils. You will need both a meter and handheld display to obtain a moisture measurement readout. They are exceptionally accurate and reliable. For a quick search use the 'search box' at the top of the page

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  1. GMK OASIS  Soil Moisture Meter GMK OASIS - Soil Moisture Meter

    Excl. Tax: €2,844.00 Incl. Tax: €3,412.80

    * Measures three types of soil, Sandy loam, Loam, Clay loam.
    * Measuring range 7.00% ~ 35.%. (Absolute Moisture)
    * Quick and easy to use in field.
    * Average Data is available.
    * Large LCD display.
    * Soil Temperature Measurable
    * Available Moisture % Measurable
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