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  1. Aqua-Boy 225 Screw-in pair electrodes Aqua-Boy Screw in pair electrodes (225)

    Excl. Tax: €71.00 Incl. Tax: €85.20

    Screw in pair of electrodes
    Learn More
  2. Aqua-Boy Alligator Clips - 200d Kr Aqua-Boy Alligator Clips (200d Kr)

    Excl. Tax: €31.00 Incl. Tax: €37.20

    Alligator Clips allows nails dowel plugs for metal to connect to the Aqua-Boy moisture meter. Learn More
  3. Aqua-Boy Expanding Plugs  (226a) Aqua-Boy Expanding Plugs (226a)

    Excl. Tax: €10.00 Incl. Tax: €12.00

    Expanding Plugs used with 226 screw in electrode set. Learn More
  4. Aqua-Boy Carbide-tipped drill of 6mm dia.  (226b) Aqua-Boy Carbide-tipped drill of 6mm dia. (226b)

    Excl. Tax: €15.00 Incl. Tax: €18.00

    Carbide-tipped drill of 6mm dia.used with the Screw-in electrode set.. Learn More
  5. Aqua-Boy Graphite Powder  (226c) Aqua-Boy Graphite Powder (226c)

    Excl. Tax: €10.00 Incl. Tax: €12.00

    Graphite Powder for used with the 226 screw-in electrode set. Learn More
  6. Ring holder for 204 electrode 204 Ring Holder

    Excl. Tax: €10.00 Incl. Tax: €12.00

    Ring holder for Aqua-Boy 204 Universal Electrode Holder Learn More

6 Item(s)

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